Pushing SSL Certificates to Chromebooks through GAFE

You will need to push SSL certificates to your Chrome devices in order for the forward proxy to work. You can do this manually on each device by downloading the SSL certificate from the Rocket and installing it on the device. Alternatively, you can push all of the certificates at once through the Google Admin Console.

1. Open your Web Filter and navigate to Settings -> SSL Certificate



2. Scroll down to Installed Proxy Certificate and download the Proxy SSL certificate for Chromebook devices. 



3. Login to admin.google.com and click on Device Management. 



4. Click on Network on the left-hand navigational menu.



5. Scroll down and click on Certificates. 



6. Navigate to the correct organization on the left-hand navigation menu and click Add Certificate. 



7. Navigate to the folder into which you downloaded the Chrome SSL certificate (ls-rocket-chrome) and open it.



8. Once the certificate uploads. Check the box next to Use this certificate as an HTTPS certificate authority. and click Save.