Redeploying the Chrome Mobile Filter Extension

The following steps illustrate how to redeploy the Chrome Mobile Filter extension:

1. Navigate to as an administrator and go to Device Management > Chrome Management > User Settings.

2. Select your organization on the left-hand navigation bar, then navigate to Apps and Extensions > Force-installed Apps and Extensions. Click Manage force-installed apps and extensions > Specify a Custom App.

3. Paste in the following values in the ID and URL fields under Specify a Custom App. Click Add. Click Save. 

  • Customers that are running the non-encrypted Chrome Mobile Filter:
    • ID: kgfcmbjobamknalmdchnjomeddfbmncd
    • URL:

  • Customers that are running the encrypted Chrome Mobile Filter (S-Filter):
    • ID: pimfblojhcefmdcdgphfjbgjgjgdknpc
    • URL:

4. Click Save again in order to save your new Google Admin Console settings.