Using Relay with a Network Filter

Can I use Relay with another filter?

Yes. Relay is a cloud-based filter for multi-OS devices that ensures safety and CIPA-compliance any time and anywhere. That means you do not need to use another filter – but you can.

If you want to use Relay as the ONLY filter, even on a school network:

There are several ways to accomplish this, with a Lightspeed Systems Rocket Web Filter or another filter:

  • You can place your devices in an unfiltered network, such as a guest network or a DMZ.
  • You can set an IP range for these devices and put those IPs into an Allow All policy.
  • You can apply an Allow All policy to your devices and use the Lightspeed Systems User Agent to seamlessly identify which users get this policy. (Note: If students log into PCs or other operating systems with their Google IDs, use User Identification Priority feature in the Rocket to check for those other OS auth methods first.)

Either of these options will ensure that your devices are not filtered by the Rocket so they can be filtered and reported on by Relay.

If you want to use Relay AND your network filter:

While you can use Relay along with a network filter, you should remove any other agent-based filters before using Relay. Otherwise, the two extensions may create redirect issues and other conflicts.

If you want to use Relay on devices that are on a filtered school network, you need to ensure that the URLs required for Relay are unblocked by the filter.

Unblocking these URLs will ensure that Relay can connect to our cloud services. When devices are on the filtered school network, they will be filtered by both Relay and the Web Filter. When devices are off the school network, they will be filtered by just Relay.

Note: Double-filtering will cause data to appear in two separate places depending on where the traffic was blocked and can lead to some anomalies in reporting. This is especially true if your policies in the two solutions don’t match exactly:
  • If something is allowed by both Relay and the Rocket, the traffic will appear in both Rocket and Relay reports.
  • If something is blocked in both the Rocket and Relay, you will see a Rocket block page and it will be reported in the Rocket. Relay will never see the traffic, as it was blocked prior to making it to cloud.
  • If something is allowed on the Rocket but blocked by Relay, you will see the Relay block page and it will be reported in Relay Blocked reports. The Rocket will see the traffic as allowed even though it was blocked.
  • If something is allowed in Relay but blocked by the Rocket, you will see the Rocket block page and it will show as blocked in Rocket reports. (The traffic will not show in Relay.)