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Flagged Queue

The Flagged Queue section of Relay contains a queue of visited websites and user searches that contain one or more of the Flagged Terms listed under Settings > Flagged Terms. The Flagged Queue shows which websites the flags came from, which specific searches or browsing within the websites triggered the flags, and which users were doing the searching or browsing that triggered the flags. You can use the Flagged Queue to block potentially harmful websites that appear on the queue, see exactly which terms within websites are triggering flags, and see which of your users are searching or browsing for flagged terms.

You can access the Flagged Queue by clicking on Flagged Queue on the main left-hand side Relay navigation bar.

The Flagged Queue interface shows flagged activity for a certain date range. You can set the date range by clicking the data box on the top right and selecting one of the presets (Today, Last 7 Days, Last 30 Days) or inputting a custom date range. Click Apply to apply the date range.


The Flagged Queue interface is divided into a left-hand navigation menu and a right-hand box. The left-hand navigation menu contains all websites that have triggered flags. This menu displays the website name, the number of users who triggered flags on the website, the number of links from which flags were generated, and the aggregate danger-level of the site based on the terms flagged within it.


You can sort the left-hand navigation menu list by clicking the sort button (151) and selecting to sort by either Number of Links, Number of Users, Danger Level, or alphabetically by Website. You can also select whether you want the list sorted from Highest to Lowest or Lowest to Highest. 


You can search for a specific website by typing it into the Search bar.


Typing any term will get you all search results that contain that term. Click the gray “x” within the search box to cancel the search.


Clicking on any link on the left-hand navigation menu opens up its details on the right-hand size box. Here, you will see a list of links that triggered a flag within the website.


Flagged links can be either searches users made (such as in the Google example below), or non-search based websites that contained the flagged term within the text of the webpage. For each individual link, you will see (1) the URL (which you can click to navigate directly to the website), (2) the Flagged term or terms that caused the link to generate a flag, and (3) the Users who browsed the site.


When reviewing the Flagged Queue, you can choose to Allow, Block or Clear a website. To allow a website, simply click on the site you wish to allow from the left-hand navigation menu and click the Allow button. This will automatically add the site to your Internet Access > Custom Allow List and the website will no longer generate any flags. Similarly, to block a website, simply click on the site you wish to block from the left-hand navigation menu and click the Block button. This will automatically add the site to your Internet Access > Custom Block List. 


You can clear a website from the Flagged Queue by clicking the Clear button. You can clear the entire Flagged Queue by clicking the Clear button dropdown and selecting Clear All.