Deploying the Google Chrome Extension

Deploying the Web Filter Extension for Google Chrome?

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The third step of setting up Relay is deploying the Google Chrome extension to your users and setting up optional Google Admin console settings.

Note: Google may change their UI without warning, causing these steps to no longer be accurate. If that is the case, please notify us through the Was This Helpful link (click No and a form to notify us will pop up) at the bottom of the page and we will immdiately update the steps.

Deploying the Google Chrome Extension

  1. 1. Open the Google Admin console and navigate to Device Management.

  2. 2. On the left-hand navigational menu, click on Chrome Management.
  3. 3. Click on User Settings.

  4. 4. Select your organization on the left-hand navigational menu and then scroll down to Apps and Extensions > Force-installed Apps and Extensions. Click on Manage force-installed apps.
  5. 5. Click on Specify a Custom App.
  6. 6. In the ID and URL fields enter your (a.) specific custom ID and URL as displayed in the Relay Getting Started instructions (within the Relay application) or (b.) within the Settings > Chrome Extension section of Relay, as shown below. Click Add.9

  7. 7. Once the app has been added you will see it in your list of apps to the right. The app will have the same name as the ID in Relay. Click Save to push the extension.

Setting up Optional (Recommended) Settings

We recommend the following optional steps which ensure users cannot bypass Relay’s safety features.

  1.  1. Within Device Management > Chrome > User Settings, navigate to Apps and Extensions and scroll down to Allowed Types of Apps and Extensions. Ensure that Extensions is checked.10
  2. 2. Within Device Management > Chrome > User Settings, navigate to Security > Incognito Mode. Ensure that Disallow incognito mode is selected.
  3. 3. Within Device Management > Chrome > User Settings, navigate to User Experience > Developer Tools and ensure that Never allow use of built-in developer tools is selected. Remember to Save your changes.