Relay – Getting Started – Step 2 – Add Terms to Flag

The second step to setting up Relay is to add terms to flag and enable email notifications. Flagged Terms and Email notifications are key to monitoring your network and ensuring student safety. Email notifications will notify you when flagged terms appear on pages accessed by users.

Add Flagged Terms

Any term can be assigned to be flagged, however, these terms are usually unsafe, pornographic, or violent (basically, anything that students should not be searching for). Flagged terms are assigned to one of three importance levels: low, moderate, and high. The higher the level, the more severe the term.

Here’s an example of flagged terms and their importance level:

  • High– xxx, suicide, make bomb
  • Moderate– sex, marijuana
  • Low– pot, hate, nude

Set up flagged terms and email notifications by clicking Go on Step 2 of the Relay Getting Started  page.

Before you set up email notifications, you need to create flagged terms. To add flagged terms individually, click the green plus sign above the list of flagged terms.

Enter your desired term, choose a level of severity and click Save to add the term. For example, we entered murder as the term and chose a Low severity from the drop-down menu. In this case, we want the term to be flagged since it is serious, but we also understand that a student could be searching for “murder” as part of a History or English class assignment.

There’s also an option to upload a list of flagged terms developed by Lightspeed Systems. Download and save the badterms.csv file from here then click the import icon to the right of Terms.

Click on Choose File, navigate to and select the badterms.csv file then click Import.

Once the terms have been imported, you will see a long list with various danger levels under the Terms header. Click on the column title to sort the list by Term or Importance or use the search bar to quickly find any term on the list. To remove a term from the list, click the “X” to the right of the term.

Email Notifications

Once you’ve added flagged terms, create email notifications by importance and frequency. To create an email notification, click the green plus sign to the right of Email Notifications.

Select the administrator that you want to send email notifications to by clicking the green plus sign to the right of their email address.

In the Notification Preferences window, select the Danger Level for which you want flagged terms included in the notification. Then select the notification Frequency (Immediately, Daily or Weekly). Click Save to save the email notification. Determine the ideal notifications for your organization and repeat this process for additional administrators.

The Email Notifications list displays Name (admin’s email), Danger Level and Frequency. Edit a notification by clicking the mail address or click the grey “X” to delete a notification.