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Classroom Orchestrator

Review where students have been

In your classroom life, there have probably been times when you wish you knew what a student was actually doing all class period. Maybe because an assignment took longer than you thought it should. Or maybe you’re curious how the student came to some conclusion. Or there’s something they’re doing that you’d like to share with a parent or administrator. Well Classroom Orchestrator can provide an extra dose of insight in a couple of ways: Recorded Screenshots and URL History.



If you want to see how a student progresses through an assignment, you can record screenshots for a period of time and review them later. Whenever appropriate you can access these recordings to view with the student, parents, or other stakeholders.

Prerequisite. If not currently using Classroom Orchestrator to monitor student screens, you’ll need to click View Screens for the group. Otherwise you don’t have an active connection to a student’s device.

Record. When you select Record from a student’s drop-down menu, you’ll have on-going confirmation via a red dot beating in the upper-right corner.


propeller_hatPro Tip for Windows Devices. If you observed something on a student Windows device while walking the room, you can still capture it with Record. That’s because Classroom Orchestrator is able to keep a “rolling cache” for Windows devices–meaning, when you press Record, you’ll get the last few minutes of screenshots added to the beginning of your recording. The number of minutes cached/added is set by your administrators. The default is five minutes.

Recorded Screenshots. You can review recorded screenshots even while still recording. From the student’s drop-down menu, select Recorded Screenshots.

Screenshots are captured at the same interval as when viewing screens, which is set by your administrators. The default is every 30 seconds.

You can scroll back through time easily as every screenshot has a date and timestamp. Or you can use the date and time filters at the top of the screen.


Want to zoom in on something? You can. Just click the screenshot. When you do, you’ll see two icons in the upper-right that let you either expand to full screen or exit. Here upon closer examination, we see that Ann was looking up the definition of a word she encountered while taking the Shakespeare quiz.


studentStudent View. Students are not notified when their screens are being recorded. So there’s literally nothing to see here. 😉

URL History (Chromebooks only)

NOTE: URL History requires a separate product license for Relay.)

For a given student, select URL History from the drop-down menu as above. Then select a date to review to produce a list of sites visited, a link to the site for your further review, time of day, and the amount of time the site was open in the browser.


propeller_hatPro Tip.  URL History calculates time spent on a page after the browser tab is closed. If you want to review a student’s active tab over a period of time, record their activity as described next.