Rocket 3.5.2 Update Guide

Our Rocket 3.5.2 update is now available to install. With this update, your Rockets will recognize any devices with Relay Smart Agents installed and allow Relay to filter these devices. Before deploying this update to your Rocket hardware, review the following notes.


  • In a clustered environment, enable multi-cast support for all switch ports plugged into the Rocket.
    Note: This allows the Smart Agents to interact with your Rockets.
    Note: Filter Bypass does not support VLAN Traffic.
  • In your DNS management tool, create a forward lookup zone (named and add DNS A records for all Rockets in your environment. Follow the examples below when creating IPv4 and IPv6 DNS A records.
    • IPv4 – = x.x.x.x
      Note: Do not include a prefix before the forward lookup zone name for the IPv4 record.
    • IPv6 – = xxxx.xxxx.xxxx.xxxx
      Note: The IPv6 record is optional, if IPv6 is not used in your environment.


  • Download the Rocket 3.5.2 software from the Web Filter interface. Navigate to the updates page (Settings > [Appliance] Updates) to install the update to your Rocket(s).
    Note: If running your Rockets in a cluster, update the parent Rocket before updating the remaining child Rockets.
    Note: This update includes a patch which requires any 10GB Rocket be restarted after installing this update.
  • Update any Smart Agents running on your devices. Refer to the Software page in Relay (Settings > Software) for device-specific installation instructions. The Smart Agents will connect with the new DNS hostnames (IPv4 and IPv6) via WebSocket connection and your Rockets will sync together to ignore traffic from these hosts.