Logging Out

Ready to go? Don’t forget to log out.

The typical logout

To end your login session, just click Logout.


Logging Out with Web Authentication

Normally, you can logout by simply clicking Logout. However, there are situations where the normal Logout link is not available. For example, web-authenticated users on mobile devices may not be presented with the normal Logout link. In addition, users who log in to a machine that was not properly logged off by a previous user will not be presented with the normal Logout link.

In these situations you can logout at any time by entering the following URL:


Wondering when that might come in handy? Here’s an example:

  • 1. A user attempts to go to website, gets blocked, and doesn’t log out.
  • 2. A second user logs into the same machine by clicking the Not You? Link. (That user is a web authenticated user. You can see their login up top.)
  • 3. When they’re finished browsing, the second user logs out by entering the lsaccess.me/logout URL in the address bar of the browser.
  • 4. That second user gets a message that they have been logged out.

Logging out is a good practice to get all your users into!