SSL Certificate Basics

SSL Certificate

How do I get to this page?

This page opens when you navigate to Settings > Appliance and click SSL Certificate.

What’s on this page?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption protects sensitive information such as login IDs and passwords from being intercepted and misused. On the Rocket, the console SSL certificate is used to establish trust for the Management and Access Pages. When configured as a proxy server, using SSL decryption, the Proxy certificate is required for the client to trust the Rocket to establish the SSL session to the destination host. This is used for selective blocking or unblocking within domains such as and, or filtering and reporting on the Full URL Details within a secure connection.

Note: A detailed technical discussion of SSL is outside the scope of this document. For technical information on SSL and related security topics, refer to the Wikipedia article on Transport Layer Security.

The SSL Certificate page consists of two sections:

  • Console Certificate
  • Proxy Certificate

When should I use this?

Use this page to manage SSL certificates for the Rocket Console and Proxy Server.