Campus Library (Rocket v3)

Campus Library

The Campus Library is a teacher-contributed repository of educational content including YouTube videos, Web Sites, and Documents. When integrated with the Lightspeed Web Filter, library resources that would ordinarily be filtered are unblocked automatically for users.

Anyone with the link can connect to this host anonymously to search and access resources in the entire Campus Library. The only time a login is required is when teachers wish to add content to the library.

To enable the Campus Library:

  • 1. Navigate to Settings, then click Campus Library.
  • 2. In the Resource Library Hostname field, enter the FQHN to use for public access to the Resource Library.

Important: To prevent conflicts with the Web Filter Access Page, the Campus Library must not use the same as the hostname for the Rocket Appliance.

Note: The domain must be allowed by the Rocket for Campus Library videos to play correctly.
Note: The Campus Library needs to resolve to the IP of the Rocket. 

Tip: Add a DNS C name record for your Campus Library to make it easier for students to access.

Note: The C name needs to be an alias for the Rocket. 

  • (optional) To restrict access to age-appropriate videos, select a grade (year) level from the dropdown list. Items with a “minimum grade” equal to or higher than this setting will not be visible in the library.
  • Click Save to apply your changes.

Please note before you can use the Campus Library, you need to be a licensed customer of the Lightspeed Systems Web Filter, Mobile Manager, or Classroom Orchestrator, your school district needs to be setup on Lightspeed Dashboard, and your serial number needs to be listed.

The following video provides an admin overview of the Campus Library:

The following video provides an overview of how to anonymously access the Campus Library through the Rocket interface: