Adding Widgets to the Dashboard

You can add Widgets (Summary Reports) to the Dashboard to see aggregated information about activity on your Rocket Appliance.

To Add a Widget

Navigate to the Dashboard (home page) of your Rocket Appliance.

2. Scroll down and click Manage Widgets

3. Select your widget from the list. Any report from the Web Filter: Summeries can be saved as a widget.

4. Saving a widget is easy. Simply navigate to a Summary Report (ex. Top Allowed Categories), generate the report, and save it as a widget.

The following illustration shows an example of the Top Blocked Categories report.


  • Click an area of the graph for a popup with more information.
  • Click the Arrow (“V”) at the top right corner of the report for options


Note: For installations with multiple tiers, you can select the tier to view from this menu.