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Mobile Manager

SIS Integration with Global Grid for Learning (GG4L)

Follow these steps to integrate your SIS database from Global Grid for Learning (GG4L) with Lightspeed products.

Log in to the Launch portal, hover over the Admin Tools tile, and click SIS.

Choose GG4L Connect from the Your SIS Integration drop-menu.

Enter your Client ID and Client Secret key in the corresponding fields, then configure your sync preferences as needed.

Note: Your Client ID and Client Secret are provided to you by GG4L. If you do not have this information contact GG4L ( to obtain your Client ID and Client Secret.
Note: If Use Term Name is enabled, this value is merged with the Section Alias value.

Click Save to complete the integration setup. GG4L syncs with Lightspeed’s products nightly, so your staff and student data will populate in our products the day after your first nightly sync.