Documentation for Relay, Mobile Manager, and Classroom have moved from the Community Site to Intercom Help Center. This move will allow us to provide in-app documentation for our SAAS platform. SAAS documentation can now be found here.


Smart Agent FAQs

After the release of our new Smart Agents, we’ve received the following frequently asked questions from Relay users:

Do I have to uninstall User Agent from my devices?

That depends…

If you are running Rockets and Relay, no. Keep the User Agent installed on your device(s).

If you are only running Relay, yes. Uninstall User Agents from your device before installing the Smart Agent.

  • Follow these steps to uninstall the Mac User Agent:
    1. Download the Mac User Agent.
    2. From your Mac device open and mount the Mac User Agent .dmg file.
    3. Run the uninstall file to start the uninstall process.
    4. Enter the ‘admin’ password when prompted.
  • Follow these steps to uninstall the Windows User Agent:
    1. Option 1: GUID
    2. Open Add or Remove Programs.
    3. Click Remove next to Lightspeed Systems User Agent.
    4. Click Yes to confirm removal.
    5. Click Yes to complete the uninstall.
    • Option 2: Command Line
    • Run the MSIEXEC /uninstall UserAgent(x86 or x64).msi with /passive or /quiet command.
    • Note: The UserAgent(x86 or x64).msi must be saved to the same directory you run this command from.

How do I install the client settings on my computers for Relay?

Relay’s download package is unique to your organization, therefore, deploying custom files is not necessary for Smart Agents.

Refer to our Getting Started with Relay documentation (Step 3) for deploying your organization’s Relay package.

How do I push the extension/settings to my Chromebooks?

Refer to our Getting Started with Relay guide for deploying the Relay extension to Chromebooks.

Do I have to set anything up in Relay as far as user groups?

Sync your Student Information System (Groups and Users) directory with Relay before deploying to your devices. Refer to our documentation for syncing your database with Relay:

Learn more about SIS Integration in this SIS Integration Basics document.

Can I import any settings (such as allow/disallow sites) from the Rocket?

Refer to our Migrating from Rocket to Relay guide for detailed instruction about exporting and importing data between a Rocket and the Relay interface.