Smart Agent Known Issues

The following issues are known Smart Agent issues and will be fixed in upcoming releases:

Mac and Windows

  • Allowed searches are not reported from sites other than Google.
  • Some allowed websites are not reported. This is caused by javascript injection errors.
  • Improper reporting of Blocked Assets (results in Lockouts not being usable).
  • Explicit thumbnails can be displayed for Youtube Channel searches.
  • Issues when switching between Wired and Wireless networks.
  • Errors can occur when the block page is not available.
  • Occasional Mac kernel panic during shutdown, uninstall and software update.
  • Smart Play and YouTube custom allow lists do not work if YouTube is set to be blocked.
  • The lsproxy can become unresponsive on Windows devices, when mulitple tabs and windows are left open and idle for an extended period of time. If this happens, restart the computer.
  • The Windows Smart Agent uninstaller is inconsistent in deleting all settings and files. If this happens, contact us for assistance removing all files.
  • Mac OS agents experience sporadic kernal issues during shutdown, restart, uninstall, and agent updates. If you run into this issue, restart the device.
  • The Blocked Site page is not always retrieved or experiences problems with the page language. To resolve this, go to your custom block page, make a small change, and save.
  • Update files will not download automatically if lsproxy or smartagentjs files are not running correctly.
  • Some Lightspeed and Relay resources are blocked (depending on categorization or failure state).


  • YouTube searches are not filtered.
  • Block page does not show the same blocked reason as the Windows/Mac Smart Agent or Extension.