SaaS Documentation Has Moved: Documentation for Relay, Mobile Manager, and Classroom will no longer be updated on the Community Site and has moved to our Intercom Help Center. This move allows us to provide in-app documentation for our SAAS platform. SAAS documentation can now be found here. Note: Longhorn/Web Filter documentation will continue to be available on the Community Site.

Student Information

Click on a student’s name to open the Student Information panel. In this panel, you can view the student’s Open Tabs, Browsing History, Recordings, or send them a message. You’ll also see the student’s status next to their name. Click the “X” in the top-right corner to close the window.

Open Tabs

This tab provides a preview of the tab the student is currently viewing (highlighted in blue in the tab list). Click on the site name to open that tab in the student’s browser, or click the URL to open the site in a tab on your browser. Close any tab on the student’s browser by clicking the small “X” in the tab list.

Hover over the current tab image to access the student control icons: Share Screen, Lock Screen, Unlock Screen, and Record for 10 minutes.

Browsing History

The Browsing History tab includes the user’s list of sites visited (in chronological order). The list also includes the time and duration of the site visit. Click on the URL to visit the site.

Click the calendar icon to open the date drop-menu. Choose a date to see the user’s browsing history for the date selected.

Note: If the Relay Chrome extension or Smart Agent is not running, you will not see Browsing History data.


Open this tab to view this student’s screenshot recordings (recordings are created in 10-minute increments and screenshots are captured in 10-second intervals). Click the left/right arrows in the screenshot viewer to browse through the collected screenshots.

Each recording provides a list of tabs and URLs opened at the time of the screenshot (the current screenshot’s URL will be highlighted in grey).

Start a Recording

To create a recording, click on the student’s name in the active student list to open the Student Information Window. Click on Open Tabs and hover over the open tab screenshot. Click on the record icon to start recording the student’s activity for 10 minutes.

Download Screen

Click on Download Screen to save the selected screenshot.

Send Messages

Click the Send Messages drop-menu to view a list of messages that you can send to the student.