Testing Relay

If you’re evaluating Relay, you may want to test it out on a handful or administrator-operated Chromebooks without having to wait the usual five minutes it takes for Relay commands to be picked up by the devices.

You can test Relay changes without having to wait the five minutes it takes for Relay to process the change by creating an OU in Google Admin for test devices. Once you create the OU, you should enable Developer Tools. 

Note: Developer Tools are only enabled for a testing environment. Normally, Developer Tools should be disabled for end users. 

In order to enable Developer Tools, navigate to Google Admin > Device Management > Chrome Management > User Settings. 

Make sure that you have your Test OU selected on the left-hand navigation pane and scroll down to User Experience > Developer Tools. Select the Always allow use of built-in developer tools option.

Once you have your Test OU set up and Developer Tools enabled, follow these steps to test your Relay policies:

1. Make the desired change in Relay

2. On the test device, browse to chrome://extensions and enable Developer Mode by clicking the checkbox.

3. Scroll to the Relay extension and click the background page option.

4. Once the page opens, press CTRL-R on your keyboard to immediately refresh the policy.

5. Test the change made in Step 1.