Tracker for Chrome Extension

About the Tracker for Chrome extension

The Tracker for Chrome extension uses the Location Services on the device to show the last-known position of the device on a map. Learn more about Location Services here.

Important: For privacy reasons, you should obtain written consent from students and/or their parents or guardians before deploying this application on managed devices.


Prior to installing the Tracker for Chrome extension, please make sure that you have set up a Google domain via Launch.

Navigate to Launch > Admin Tools > Districts.

Open your District and scroll down to Managed Domains. Click the plus (+) icon to add your Google domain.

Type in your domain and click Save.

Installation Steps

Installation and deployment of the Tracker for Chrome extension requires the following steps:

  • 1. From the Google Admin console, navigate to Device management > Chrome > User Settings
  • 2. In the Apps and Extensions area of the page, click Manage force-installed apps.

  • 2. Select Specify a Custom App.
  • 3. In the ID field, copy and paste the following app ID:
  • 4. In the URL field, copy and paste the following URL:
  • 5. Click Add to force install the app.
  • 6. In the Google Admin console, navigate to Device Management > Chrome > User Settings and scroll down to Security.
  • 7. Set the Geolocation parameter to “Allow sites to detect users’ geolocation”.


Viewing Location in Relay

In order to view tracker device location, navigate to Users, select a user, and click on the Location History tab.