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Mobile Manager

Troubleshooting: Apps are not Updating – iOS

If you’re having trouble with your iOS apps not updating refer to the following troubleshooting tips:


Is the update supported for the device/iOS version?

  • Check the app information and details in the App Store.

Is the app in a waiting or “greyed-out” state?

  • The issue is caused by the connection to the App Store (or App Cache server if used). Diagnose the problem by running a console log when attempting to install the update.

Managed Distribution

Is the app version up-to-date?
Device-assigned apps do not update automatically (these apps are updated through an MDM). Navigate through the Mobile Manager menu to the App Updates page (Reports > App Updates). Click on the app name then click Update to update the app(s).

Note: If your Mobile Manger interface is integrated with Relay, you’ll find the App Updates page by navigating through the following menu path: Reports > Device Management > App Updates.

Is the Managed Distribution Service Token used to install the app into the group active and valid?

  • Navigate through the Mobile Manager menu to the the Managed Distribution page (Settings > Managed Distribution) and verify that the app’s token is valid.

Is the app managed on the device?

  • If not, navigate to Device > Apps and select the app name. In the app dialogue, click Advanced and select Force Management.

Are all ports and places open?
Connect the device to an unfiltered network or tether a device to a mobile hotspot (data rates may apply) and try to push the app update again. The following ports and places should be available or open to your devices:

  • TCP 2195
  • TCP 2196
  • TCP 5223

As well, if you are using an App Cache server, ensure that the macOS and Server App is updated and devices can connect to it. It’s also possible that a misconfigured App Cache server is interfering on your network. Run an iOS console log to diagnose the issue.


Follow these troubleshooting tips to diagnose issues with uploaded apps:

  • Upload the latest (updated) app version to the same group where the old app version is installed (not the subgroup).
  • Ensure the same Apple ID used to download the new version was the same Apple ID used to download the older version.
  • Allow this Amazon hostname:, as updated apps are not distributed from Apple’s App Store.