Troubleshooting: Smart Play not working

Smart Play may not work for several reasons.

1) First off, ensure that Smart Play is enabled. You can enable the Smart Play feature by navigating to Web Filter > General > Video Filtering and checking the box next to Lightspeed Systems Smart Play.

2) In order for Smart Play to function, the option to Decrypt SSL Traffic must be enabled under Web Filter > Proxy Server > Forward Proxy.

Note: The devices must be going through the proxy and you must be decrypting SSL traffic.

3) and must be recategorized to an allowed category in order for Smart Play to work (as long as you want to allow user access to YouTube.)

Note: YouTube image repository URLs (such as ytimg and yt3.ggpht) should not be categorized and should not be added to SSL Exclusion lists. Recategorizing these or adding them to SSL Exclusions will allow your users to see adult thumbnails.
Learn more about: Recategorizing sites