Upgrading the Lightspeed Systems Rocket from 1.3.x to 2.x


This Knowledge Base (KB) article provides instructions for upgrading a Lightspeed Systems Rocket Appliance from 1.3.x to 2.x. This upgrade is designed to keep all of your data intact. However, you should make sure you have a current backup copied off of your appliance before proceeding.


This upgrade should only be performed by IT personnel who are knowledgeable about the Lightspeed Systems Rocket appliance. Do not perform these instructions unless you fully understand them and feel comfortable about performing them.


You must have the following to perform this upgrade:

  • A Lightspeed Systems Rocket or Bottle Rocket Appliance
  • A PC running Windows XP, Vista, 7 (32bit only), or 8 (32bit only)
  • The blue thumb drive that was shipped with your Rocket appliance. (can be the blue Lightspeed USB, a Kingston, SanDisk or Memorex brand of at least 2GB)

Upgrade Steps

Follow the steps below to upgrade your Rocket appliance from 1.3.x to 2.x.

Step 1: Download Upgrade Files from the Lightspeed Systems FTP Site


  • Both downloaded files must be locally on the PC the USB is in.
  • The Win32DiskImager utility is a Windows 32bit only app. It will only function on a 32bit OS.
  • Running the Win32DiskImager will reformat the USB.

Step 2: Insert the Thumb Drive

    • 1. Insert the blue Lightspeed thumb drive into a USB port on your PC. The following window will be displayed.

Insert Thumb Drive

  • 2. Click Cancel.

Please note if you examine the properties of the thumb drive the following may be displayed.

Size Mismatch

Other systems may indicate that there is a size mismatch. Both of these messages are due to incompatibilities between Unix and Windows and do not indicate any type of problem and can be safely ignored.

Step 3: Prepare the Thumb Drive with the Web Filter 2.x Image

    • 1. Double-click the Win32diskImager icon to run the image writer utility. The following window will be displayed.

Win32 Imaging software

    • 2. Click the folder icon and navigate to the image file’s location. The following window will be displayed.

Win32 Imaging select file

    • 3. Select the image file and click Save.
    • 4. Select the thumb drive letter from the Device dropdown list. (Verify — this will reformat the drive that is selected)
    • 5. Click Write as shown below.

Win32 Imaging Click Write

    • The following window will be displayed.

Win32 Imaging Confirm

    • 6. Click Yes. When the utility is finished the following window will be displayed.

Win32 Imaging - Done

  • 7. Click Exit.
  • 8. Remove the thumb drive from the PC.

Backing Up

Just in case, it is recommended you run a manual Full backup, AND take a copy “off” of the Rocket, before beginning!

  • 1. Administration –>Backup & Restore –>[Full] –>[Backup Now]
  • 2. Then go to Administration –>Root –>Network Share –>SMB Path (access via your OS, for Windows you may need to map the drive)
  • 3. Navigate to the backupmanual folder and copy the xxx_xxx_xxx.lsb file to someplace off the Rocket server.
  • 4. Also note what your Management NIC’s IP, Mask, Gateway, DNS info is from the Administration –>Network Interfaces page.

Connectivity During the Upgrade

In the UI go to Web Filter –>General. Make sure you have the Bypass on failure enabled (check box on). Click Save. This will allow Internet connectivity during the upgrade and is needed for License verification. You can go back and reset after the upgrade is complete.

Step 4: Install the v2.x Image File on the Rocket Appliance

    • 1. Power down or restart the appliance.
    • 2. Plug the thumb drive into the Rocket appliance.
    • 3. Power up or start the appliance. The following screen will be displayed.

Initial Screen


If this message does not appear try restarting and pressing F11 at the initial splash screen so you are prompted with an option to boot off of the thumb drive. If problems persist contact Support for additional help.

    • 4. Click Enter. The following screen will be displayed.

Save exisiting data

    • 5. Make sure Yes is selected and then click Enter. This will start the install.


The installation process will take several minutes to complete.

    • The following screen will be displayed.


  • 6. Remove the thumb drive.
  • 7. Click Enter. This will restart the appliance.

The upgrade from 1.3 to 2.x is now complete.