Configuring a RADIUS Accounting Server

The Rocket Web Filter supports RADIUS accounting for user identification, which allows the Rocket to act as an accounting server for an existing RADIUS implementation.

Configuring a RADIUS accounting server on a Rocket appliance

    • 1. Copy the shared secret you used to configure your wireless access points (WAPs).


You must modify your existing access point configuration to add the Rocket as an accounting server.  Check with your wireless system manufacturer for documentation on how to do this. Enter the IP address of the Rocket in the accounting server field.  If prompted enter port 1813.

    • 2. Log into the Rocket appliance.
    • 3. From the dashboard click Web Filter.
    • 4. Scroll down to RADIUS.
    • 5. Enter the shared secret from Step 1 in the Shared secret text entry field.

    • 6. Click Save.
    • 7. Under Module Settings click Mobile Devices.
    • 8. In the Mobile Filter table, select the authentication source from the Transparent authentication dropdown list for the Rocket to use for RADIUS authenticated users.

  • 9. Click Save.