Custom Access Pages

When a user attempts to visit a blocked web site, the Lightspeed Systems Web Filter displays the Access Page. The Access Page shows the site name and reason for blocking, and, depending on how you configure and assign your Rule Sets, invites the user to submit a site for review, or override the filter temporarily to visit the web site.


Custom Access Page Video

You can create customized Access Pages (block pages) with your own image and text from the Custom Access Pages form. You can also assign custom access pages to different schools or user levels (student, staff, administrators), by associating a custom access page with a Rule Set.

To create a new a Custom Access Page


  • 1. To add a new Custom Access Page, click New Page. This action opens the Add Custom Access Page form.
  • 2. Give your new page a name, and a brief description.
  • 3. Click Save. This action opens the Edit form.
  • 4. Enter your school name, and upload an image file for your custom banner. Images should be in JPG or PNG format, and must be no larger than 660 x 120 pixels.
  • 5. When you have finished editing your page, click Save and view to see the results. Click the Back button in your web browser to return to the Edit form. Click Back again to return to the list of Custom Access Pages.

Note: You cannot assign a Custom Access Page until all required fields have been populated.

To edit an existing Custom Access Page:

  • 1. Click the name of the page to edit. This action opens the Edit form.
  • 2. When you have finished editing the page, click Save.

Note: Custom Access Pages do not take effect until you assign them to a Rule Set.

To assign a Custom Access Page to a Rule Set

  • 1. From the dashboard click Web Filter.
  • 2. Under Policies click Policy Management.
  • 3. Click Rule Sets.
  • 4. Click the rule set you want to use.
  • 5. Scroll down to Access Page.
  • 6. Check (select) Use custom access page.
  • 7. Select the custom access page from the dropdown list.
  • 8. Click Save to save your changes.