Chrome Extension Mobile Filter

Note: Web Filter 2 no longer supports the Chrome Extension Mobile Filter. You can either use the Chrome Lightspeed S-Mobile Filter or upgrade to Web Filter 3 Longhorn to use this extension.

The Mobile Filter extension for Chrome provides content filtering for ChromeOS, allowing school administrators to ensure safe, monitored access on school-distributed Chromebooks. Operating as a Chrome extension, it offers policy-based filtering and off-network activity reporting–all without the need for a proxy. In addition, it provides seamless single sign-on capabilities for ChromeOS devices when they are used off the school network.


Chrome v37 or higher is required. Please note ChromeOS normally updates to the latest version automatically.

For transparent authentication to work correctly, your Lightspeed Web Filter must be running version 2.9.0 or newer.

When using the Chrome extension you need to consider the following:

    • Register your Google Apps for Education (GAFE) domain with Lightspeed Systems on the website so that the extension knows where to find its policy server.


See the Google Chrome Support article “Manage apps and extensions” for information about how send extensions to devices via the GAFE console.

  • Disable incognito mode (private browsing).
  • Force the Chromebooks to a single domain.


  • If a user logs in to a email domain that is not registered the device will not be filtered.
  • Developer Tools must be disabled through the GAFE console. This can be accomplished by navigating to Device Management –> Chrome –> User Settings and setting the drop down menu for developer tools to “Never allow use of built-in developer tools”


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