Access Page Controls

Do your want your access page secure?

When a user attempts to reach a blocked website they will be redirected to an Access Page. If you would like this page to be secure you can force HTTPS with this setting. For example teachers can be given the ability to override website blocks. If you wish for their authentication information to be encrypted then you would want to turn on HTTPS.

Note: Devices will need to have the Rocket console SSL certificate installed in order to secure your access page. Learn more.

Who do you want to review blocked websites?

You can automatically have the Web Filter send you emails when a user submits a blocked website for review. Enter in emails addresses here. You can separate multiple email addresses with a comma.

Field Name Description
Secure access page This section allows you to manage general settings for the Access Page that appears when a user navigates to a blocked site. Check (select) this option to force HTTPS when redirecting web requests to the access page.
Blocked Website Reviewers Blocked Website Reviewers are Web Filter Administrators who can review and categorize websites submitted by users from the Access Page.

Note: Administrators must be able to override the web filter to view blocked websites submitted by users.

Emails Enter one or more email addresses in the Emails field. Use commas to separate multiple addresses.