Traffic Handling

Do you want to decode SSL Certificates?

With more and more websites moving to encrypted traffic (including Google+Youtube) full url reporting is becoming more challenging. Decoding SSL certificates allow the Web Filter to examine the SSL certificate to determine the domain of the certificate owner, then decide to allow or block based on that domain.

Learn more about: Decode SSL Certificates

Do you want to bypass on failure?

In the event of the Rocket losing power, shutting down, or other failures, you’ve got two choices. Let network traffic continue without being filtered or you can prohibit all traffic until the problem is resolved.

Do you want to block all proxied requests?

This is your first line of defense against students trying to utilize proxy or VPNs in order to get around the web filter. Most Lightspeed customers choose to block proxied requests.

Field Name Description
Decode SSL Certificates Through various methods, including (among others) decoding of SSL Certificates and SNI extension to TLS, the Lightspeed Systems Web Filter can determine the site that a user is attempting to visit through SSL. The Lightspeed Systems Web Filter looks up the host in the database, and applies the appropriate policies.


  • Because of the nature of SSL traffic, the Lightspeed Systems Rocket does not display the Access Page when blocking an HTTPS session.
  • A detailed technical discussion of SSL is outside the scope of this document. For technical information on SSL and related security topics, refer to the Wikipedia article on Transport Layer Security here.
Bypass on failure This setting controls how the Lightspeed Systems Web Filter should handle traffic in the event of hardware or software failure, or power loss. Select (check) this check box to allow unfiltered traffic to pass through the network interfaces. Unselect (uncheck) to block all traffic and disable all Internet access.
Block proxied requests Users often attempt to bypass content filters by connecting to a proxy server, which disguises or encrypts traffic to escape detection. The Lightspeed Systems Web Filter uses advanced proxy detection and traffic analysis to block known and unknown proxy servers. Select (check) this check box to block proxy server connections.