Mobile Filter



Mobile filtering is a feature of our Web Filter that provides for cross-platform filtering on Mac, iOS, Windows, Android, and Linux operating systems.

Mobile filtering is delivered in several ways:

  • With a Rocket on your network, any mobile devices that connect to the Internet through your school network are filtered
  • Off-network filtering is provided through mobile filter agents, kernel-level filters, browser replacements, and the global proxy option

This section controls basic Web Filter behavior for mobile devices using the Mobile Filter.

Field Name Description
Mobile Registration Select (check) this box to require users to authenticate and register their devices with the web filter on first use.
Note: If you do not force registration, you must configure an Authentication Source for mobile devices. This only works for 1:1 deployments. This feature will tie the authenticated user to their device.
Mobile Bypass Select (check) this checkbox to allow unfiltered Internet access for mobile devices when the Mobile Filter on the device is unable to communicate with your management server.