Rule Sets Basics

This page opens when you navigate to Web Filter, open the Policy Assignments menu, and click Rule Sets.

Rule Sets are lists of web site categories, keywords, and actions that control how users can access the Internet. The Lightspeed Systems Web Filter module comes with three built-in rule sets:

  • Default – CIPA-compliant filtered access to Internet content. Content categories such as Adult and Forums, and sites in the Security category are blocked, while most other categories are allowed. The Lightspeed Systems Web Filter module applies this Rule Set to anyone who is not assigned to any other Rule Set.
  • Allow All – Unfiltered access to all Internet content, including Adult, Forums, and Security category.
  • Block All – No Internet access. All categories are blocked.

You can create local exceptions to define different content for your users.

Use this page to manage rules for the web filter.