Search Engine Controls

  • Force safe search (Google) – Restrict all Google searches to enable their “safe search” feature.
  • Filter image search thumbnails (Google) – Remove image thumbnails from search results from blocked content categories.
  • Disable auto-complete (Google) – Check (select) this option to prevent Google instant search.
  • Select blocked search keywords to filter – Use the selected Block Search Keywords lists to filter search results.

Note: The Web Filter only fully supports Google and Bing. Search queries and images on other search engines may not be fully blocked, even if they are being filtered through a proxy. 

Image Searches in Google Documents and Presentations

When Unknown URLs, Domains and IP Addresses are blocked, the web filter is unable to display thumbnails for image searches using the Research tool in Google Documents and Presentations. This is because the Research Tool does not append a source URL or domain to the search string, which the web filter requires for filtering.