Forward Proxy


You can use the Forward Proxy settings to enable and configure the proxy role, including decrypting SSL traffic, setting the proxy port, proxy security, and authentication.

Field Name Description
Proxy Port Enter the proxy port for the Proxy Server.
Proxy Security Select the level of security required to connect to the Proxy Server as well as the authentication source used.
  • Open Proxy (no security) – Any device at any IP address is allowed
  • Restrict Access to iOS and ChromeOS -Check (select) this option to restrict external access to the Rocket Web Filter proxy server to only iOS and Chrome OS devices.
  • Authenticate All Users – Check (select) this option to force authentication on all internal and external clients using the proxy server. Please note that the Transparent authentication source on the Mobile Devices page will be used to authenticate proxy users. This option will be disabled if WCCP is enabled above.
  • Authenticate External Users – Check (select) this option to force authentication on all external clients using the proxy server. The Web Filter identifies any client outside your network as external.
Authentication Source Select the authentication source to use with client browser authentication.
Decrypt SSL traffic This setting controls how the Web Filter will filter HTTPS requests by decrypting traffic between the client and server in order to examine the full URL. Select (check) this check box to decrypt SSL traffic. Unselect (uncheck) to only examine the FQHN (fully qualified hostname) and not the full URL. Please note this option requires that you have the Proxy Server SSL Certificate installed. See SSL Certificate for more information.
PAC Files Click (select) the green plus sign to add a PAC file.