The Retention settings control how long data is stored for Web Filter reports. How long you need to keep your data for reporting can depend on various factors. You’ll want to balance any school/district requirements with your storage capacity and the relevance of data beyond a certain period.

How do I get to this page?

This page opens when you navigate to Web Filter and click Retention in the left sidebar.

What does it tell me?

This page shows you the current retention period in days for reporting data.

When should I use this?

Use this page to configure the data retention period for the Reports module.

Adjust the slider to change the reporting period from 7 days (minimum) to 14 days (default) to 90 days (maximum), according to your school district’s data retention procedures.

Important: At the end of the retention period, the Lightspeed Systems Web Filter purges the oldest data to make room for newer data. The system also runs automated backups daily and weekly. For long term data retention, you can copy these data files from the Rocket appliances’ shared network directory.