Creating an Open Web Zone (Teacher)

The Web Zone View

The Web Zone View page is the management portal for Web Zone Managers. From this page, web zone managers can:

  • Create new Open web zones.
  • Activate or deactivate existing Open or Fixed web zones.
  • Edit the Allow and Block lists for Open or Fixed web zones.
  • Admit and dismiss users from Open web zones.

The Web Zone View page is hosted on the Lightspeed Systems Rocket Appliance. To reach the page, Web Zone managers navigate to http://Server_Name/zones, and then log in with their network credentials.



  • 1. Click Add Web Zone. This action opens the following page:


  • 2. Enter a meaningful name that students will be able to locate easily from the Join a Web Zone page, and then click Save.

An Open Web Zone is a list of allowed and blocked URLs, created as needed by a Web Zone Manager in the Web Zone View portal (http://Server_Name/zones/). Users can request to join open zones by connecting to http://Server_Name/joinzone/ and searching for active web zones.

Configuring the Web Zone

The next step is to configure the Web Zone Rules.

  • 1. From the Web Zones dashboard, click to select the Web Zone to configure, and then click the Rules button.


  • 2. Enter URLs in the Allowed Sites and Blocked Sites lists, and then click Save Rules.
  • 3. URLs (web links) must be in the proper format. Do not include “http://” or “https://” in the URL.

Note that you can use wildcards (placeholders) to allow or block all pages matching the wildcard. In Web Zones, the wildcard character is an asterisk (*) which means “any number or combination of letters”.

Note also that you can specify IP addresses as well as URLs in the list.


Type Entry Explanation
Domain Allow or block everything on the domain
Site ** Allow or block everything in a certain directory
Top Level Domain *.info/* or *.ru/* Allow or block an entire top-level domain name
Proxies */nph-*.cgi/*/http/* Block unknown proxy servers
Text within a URL *text* Allow or block any URL containing “text” within the string.
IP address A complete single valid routable internet IP address

Note: Sites in the porn and security categories will always be blocked, even if a teacher uses “*” to allow all available URLs.

Note the option to Block all URLs (except for allow list).

Note: Sites in the porn and security categories will always be blocked, even if a Web Zone manager uses “*” to allow all available URLs.

  • 4. Click Save Rules at the bottom of the page to apply these settings.