Fixed Web Zones

If your administrator has set up a fixed web zone for a range of IP addresses (e.g., a computer lab), things go a little differently. For instance, students don’t have to request to join or leave since they are accessing the Internet from within that fixed range of IPs. If you log in from within that IP range, you’ll immediately be placed into that fixed web zone. Teachers can manage the domain rules and activate (or deactivate) the zone as needed.

Note: When managing a fixed web zone, ensure that the managing device’s IP address is within the web zone’s IP range.
  • URLs (web links) must be in the proper format. Do not include “http://” or “https://” in the URL.

Use wildcards (placeholders) to allow or block all pages matching the wildcard. In Web Zones, the wildcard character is an asterisk (*) which means “any number or combination of letters”. You can also specify IP addresses as well as URLs in the list.


Type Entry Explanation
Domain Allow or block everything on the domain
Site ** Allow or block everything in a certain directory
Top Level Domain *.info/* or *.ru/* Allow or block an entire top-level domain name
Proxies */nph-*.cgi/*/http/* Block unknown proxy servers
Text within a URL *text* Allow or block any URL containing “text” within the string.
IP address A complete single valid routable internet IP address

Note: Sites in the porn and security categories will always be blocked, even if a teacher uses “*” to allow all available URLs.