Joining a Web Zone (Student)

The Join Web Zone page is the student portal for Web Zone users.

From this page, students can:

  • Search for web zones to join
  • Request to join a web zone
  • Request to leave a web zone

The Join Web Zone page is hosted on the Lightspeed Systems Rocket Appliance. To reach the page, users navigate to http://Server_Name/joinzone, and then search for active Web Zones to join.


A student selects a Web Zone to join, and is then prompted for first and last names, or network login name and password, depending on how the Web Zone is configured.


The Web Zone manager can then approve or ignore the student’s request to join the zone.


When it’s time to leave a web zone, the student sends another request.


Note: Students can only join one Web Zone at a time, and cannot leave a Web Zone until removed by the Web Zone manager (teacher), or the zone is deactivated.

Important: Users can be joined to just one web zone at a time. So be sure to accept their leave requests in a timely fashion. Note, you can select all requests at once.