Custom Summary Reports

If you have an Advanced Reporting server in your network you can create summary report versions of custom and Web Filter reports that consolidate activity in both graphical and tabular format. To create a summary report follow the steps below.

  • 1. Select the custom or Web Filter report you want to summarize.
  • 2. Click the Data Options button [Clip 009] in the upper right corner to open the Data Options sidebar.
  • 3. In the Data Options sidebar, scroll down to Summarize, then select the report column for the summary graph.

Some report types, for example Activity Logs, open a dropdown menu when you click a column heading.

  • Summary – Create a Summary Report based on the selected column
  • Sort ASC – Sort the column in ascending order (A to Z)
  • Sort DESC – Sort the column in descending order (Z to A)


  • 4. Click Apply.

The following is an example of the Web Activity report summarized by IP address.

Tip: You can save these reports as custom reports, schedule these reports, and export these reports. See Custom Reports, Scheduled Reports, and Exporting Reports for more information.