Mobile Devices

What Does this Report Tell Me?

The Mobile Devices report shows a list of mobile devices that access your network.

Why Should I Use this Report?

Use this report to track usage of mobile devices accessing your network.

How Do I Read It?

Tip: Click an item in the report grid to include only the selected item (Quick Filter) or add the item to the Data Options pane (Add to filter).

  • Device ID – The device ID (Host ID) of the mobile device.
  • User – The user who registered this mobile device.
  • Auth Source – The authentication source used to register to this mobile device.
  • Last Checked In – The date when this mobile device last accessed your network.
  • First Checked In – The date when this mobile device first accessed your network.
  • Action – Click Delete to remove this mobile device from your network.
  • Gear Button – Click to select columns to view in this report.