Activity Logs

What does this report tell me?

The Activity Logs report provides a list of URLs visited by users on your network. In addition, it shows all blocked TCP traffic.

Note: The Activity Logs report always loads as a blank page. This lets you specify search terms before running the report.

  • Click the filter report button [Clip 009] in the upper right corner to open the Data Options sidebar, then select the items to filter.
  • To load the default report, click the Generate button at the bottom of the Data Options

Why should I use this report?

Use this report to see which web sites your users are visiting.

Note: While search queries are recorded, the web requests made for the thumbnails resulting from Google and Bing image searches are not recorded due to their high volume.

How do I read it?

Note: With filtering, you can include or exclude data to customize your report. See Filtering Reports for more information.

Tip: Click an item in the report grid to include only the selected item (Quick Filter) or add the item to the Data Options pane (Add to filter). The Category column has additional options to add the site to a local category, or visit the website in a new browser tab.


  • Inspected Data – Click the Inspected Data icon to display only inspected data. Click it again to hide inspected data.
  • Destination – The destination URL of the requested site. Click the URL to review the content in the current browser window.
  • Action – Shows how the URL was filtered: Allowed, Redirected, or Blocked (mouse over each icon for a description).
  • Reason – Shows the reason the URL was allowed or blocked.
  • User – This column shows the logged in User name.
  • IP Address – This column shows the internal IP address.
  • User OU – This column shows the user’s Organizational Unit (OU).
  • User Groups – This column shows all of the user’s group memberships, including local groups.
  • Computer – This column shows the device name. A handset icon indicates that the device is a mobile device.
  • MAC – This column shows the MAC address of the device.
  • Category – The Content Database category assigned to the site.
  • Device ID – The device ID (Host ID) of the mobile device.
  • Category – The Content Database category assigned to the site.
  • Search Category – The Content Database category of the requested search.
  • Search Query – This column shows the word or phrase of the search query.
  • Rule Set – The Rule Set assigned to the user.
  • Origin – This column shows the origin of the request (internal network clients, Mobile Filter clients, or Proxy clients).
  • Time – This column shows the date and time the User made the request.
  • Gear Button – Click to select columns to view in this report.

Note: If the User and Computer columns are blank, the computer at this IP address may not be running the User Agent.

URL Logging

The Web Activity Report will display the complete URL in the Destination column for:

  • Blocked URLs.
  • All searches.
  • All overrides.
  • All HTTP requests.

However, if a URL is allowed, only the hostname will be displayed. In addition, Web Filter caches all visits within 5 minutes by the same user to the allowed hostname into one This prevents unnecessary clutter and greatly reduces the size of the Activity Report.

Note: For Web Zones, only the allowed domains are displayed, not the complete URL.


With Inspectors, you can report fully-allowed URLs in detail. Inspectors can be applied to IP addresses, computer names, or user names.

Safe Search

If you have enabled Safe Search, the Web Filter may append some parameters to URLs falling under these categories. When this happens, the browser will be redirected to the newly formed URL. Please note that the originally-requested URLs will be logged as Redirected URLs.