What’s the warranty on my Rocket?

Lightspeed Systems Rocket appliances come with a three-year Advanced Replacement Warranty. The Lightspeed Systems Advanced Server Replacement policy ensures that you receive the highest-quality product without hassle of unnecessary downtime in the event of an equipment failure.

(View the Technical Support User Guide (PDF) for more information.)

Advanced Server Replacement

  • Priority Service Advance Server Replacement delivery*
  • Telephone support during regular business hours with priority queue status
  • 24x7x365 emergency telephone technical support

See full support hours here.

Lightspeed Systems Advanced Server Replacement provides that failed parts will be replaced at no charge to purchaser prior to those parts being returned to Lightspeed Systems.**


Any replacement parts will be the same or a later version, which perform substantially the same function(s) as the ones being replaced.

The Advanced Server Replacement Program eliminates the delays of depot repair or replacement in the case of an equipment failure. Once the request is processed, Lightspeed Systems will ship a replacement server or Field Replaceable Unit (FRU) to you via priority freight at the time the Return Material Authorization (RMA) is issued.

Replaced parts not returned to Lightspeed Systems within 15 business days will be invoiced to the customer.

*Lightspeed Systems will ship replacement servers on the next business day via Priority Service. International orders may be delayed due to customs.

** International orders may incur duty and taxes depending on destination.


We regularly refresh our hardware solutions to ensure that we are taking advantage of the latest technology and meeting the changing needs of school districts. Our Rocket appliances come with a three-year advance replacement warranty. After three years, the Rocket is no longer under warranty.

At that point, you can purchase a new Rocket appliance to and get all the benefits of the latest version of our hardware solution along with a new three-year warranty. If you decide not to purchase a new Rocket and continue using your appliance after the warranty expires, you will still have support for your solution but you will not have a warranty in the event of hardware failures.

To discuss which Rocket best meets your needs and pricing options, please contact your Regional Sales Manager or email sales@lightspeedsystems.com.


All RSM materials come in a bright yellow envelope, like so:

U.S. and international customers receive different sets of return instructions. You can download samples of U.S. and International instructions here:



The following are International TNT Prepaid Return Instructions:

International TNT

The following are U.S. and International examples of RSM authorizations: