4 Ways Lightspeed Systems Simplifies Online Tests

It’s that time again — time to get your students prepared and organized for state testing, which means it’s up to administrators and IT to create secure online testing environments.

Using Lightspeed Systems Web Filter, Mobile Manager and Classroom Orchestrator, you can maintain a testing environment that’s safe, fast and secure with just a few extra clicks. Here are a few things you can do to make the online testing process smoother.

  1. Create Web Zones. Do you need to lock students into just the URLs required for the test? Thanks to Web Filter’s Web Zones feature, you can limit internet access to just a few key URLs for the duration of the testing period.
  2. Lock students into apps. Are your state’s tests hosted through an app? Using Mobile Manager, you can prevent misbehavior and distractions by locking test-takers into the app for the entirety of the testing period.
  3. Manage network bandwidth. Make sure network bandwidth doesn’t get in the way of efficient test-taking. Web Filter lets you prioritize traffic to testing websites so other network traffic doesn’t bog down this critical process.
  4. See student screens. No need to glance over students’ shoulders. Classroom Orchestrator prevents cheating by giving test proctors a dashboard view of all their students’ device screens. You can monitor their activity in real time and even zoom in on individual students’ screens for closer review.

Go here to learn more about how Lightspeed Systems can make your school’s technology program safer and smarter.

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