How Lightspeed Systems Puts Kids First With Student Threat Protection

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, but for parents and educators, student mental health is an essential issue that should be addressed year-round.

As many as one in five kids living in the U.S. are battling mental health disorders right now, so it’s clear that schools face immense challenges keeping children safe and getting them the help they need.

Discussions around child and adolescent mental health have recently focused on the Netflix original series “13 Reasons Why,” which centers on a high school student’s struggles with depression, bullying and assault that lead to her controversial, graphic suicide. Schools are reacting to the series and some institutions have even banned students from discussing the show at school. The National Association of School Psychologists has issued a cautionary statement about the series and its impact on at-risk young people.

Pop-culture references aside, the topic of mental health in children and teens has always been extremely important to educators. Getting students the help they need, and ensuring their school and home lives are enriching and positive, are top priorities.

Thankfully, technology allows educators to stay ahead of crises and proactively aid students who may be struggling with bullying, depression and other personal challenges. This is where our new Relay for Chrome can help enormously. Schools can utilize advanced filtering and reporting tools to drill into specific student devices to monitor and address potentially dangerous online activity as it happens.

Lightspeed Systems Relay for Chrome allows IT departments to create custom flagged terms lists of suspicious search terms.

Lightspeed Systems puts kids first, and with Relay for Chrome, schools can maximize the ROI of their Chromebooks while keeping students safe from harm.

The protection students experience at school with filtering and monitoring shouldn’t stop when they go home. That’s why Relay for Chrome also features efficient mobile filtering to give IT departments a holistic view of student Chromebook activity.

Furthermore, Relay takes student threat protection to the next level with numerous advancements intended to identify, stop and prevent dangerous activity. Relay offers:

– Advanced threat analysis
– Custom flagged words lists
– Custom danger-rating scales
– Flagged content and user alerts
– Daily, weekly, and immediate alerts
– Flagged site controls

This month, we’re raising awareness around student mental health and urge schools to take a closer look at how they monitor student activity online. Are your filtering and monitoring capabilities powerful enough to give you real-time insight into your students’ well-being? If not, it’s time to evaluate how advancements in K-12 ed-tech can be used most effectively in order to keep students on the path to a healthy, bright future.

Learn more about Relay for Chrome and request a demo to see it in action here.

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