How to Get the Most out of Your Lightspeed Systems Web Filter Today

It’s hard to believe that summer is halfway over. For many school districts, August is a critical time to ensure your network and one-to-one deployment are ready for a flood of students and administrative staff members eager to kick off the new school year.

Now is a great time to upgrade your Web Filter to the latest version, Web Filter 3: Longhorn. With Longhorn’s adaptive AI database, continuous identity management, dynamic reporting engine and hundreds of other enhancements, you can take advantage of the most powerful filter for K-12 in time for the new school year.

We recently polled Lightspeed Systems community members on their plans to upgrade, and here’s what you told us:

At the time of our poll, the majority of Lightspeed Systems filter customers planned to upgrade right away — and many are enjoying their no-cost upgrade now. In fact, almost half of all Rocket appliances have been upgraded to Longhorn! Here’s what your peers have said about the new version:

  • “We have had Lightspeed for a long time and we are finally upgrading our systems. The old systems have served us well and I’m looking forward to seeing what the new equipment has to offer. Support has been very helpful and easy to work with, and the upgrade process seems simple.” —Aric Canevari, Network Admin, Hotchkiss School
  • “Everything has been great and we’re loving the latest updates!” —Matthew Shirk, Tech Specialist, Tulpehocken Area School District
  • “As a new network admin, Lightspeed has helped ease my workload, and the support is great!” —Horacio Leal, IT Tech, West Point School District

Planning on upgrading soon? Follow these simple walk-throughs for upgrading your Rocket appliances.

Thirty percent of you indicated your IT teams weren’t sure when they would upgrade. We know there are many factors at play when considering changes to your filter. Here are some ways we’ve made upgrading as easy as possible for customers:

– Step-by-step guides. We’ve documented every detail of the upgrade so you can do it easily, quickly, and at your convenience.

– Fun webinar training. We have Web Filter 3: Longhorn webinar training all summer so you can get the most out of your free upgrade. Follow the link to learn more and register.

– 24/7/365 support documentation and chat. Our support teams are standing by to assist! Visit this page and select Web Filter & Rocket to view setup tips and start a chat session for additional help.

Not a Lightspeed Systems customer and interested in seeing the robust capabilities of Web Filter 3: Longhorn? Request a demo and see it in action! We’ll have new features rolling out all summer and beyond, including the best way to filter content on YouTube and Vimeo.

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