10 Questions You Need the Answers To

From a high-level overview to a drill-down into details, your school web filter should offer easy access to information about web activity — so you can manage your network, adjust policies, re-educate abusers and more. Lightspeed Systems Web Filter was designed so that IT can get quick answers to whatever you need to know. Here are just 10 examples.

  1. What are your users using your network for?
    Web Filter activity reports show all of the web activity — allowed or blocked — for the users in your network, including URLs, videos, SSL sites and more.
  2. What are people searching for?
    The Web Filter gives you real-time data on search terms and suspicious search terms so you can keep an eye on user activity and detect potential misuse.
  3. Is anything dangerous underway?
    Web Filter’s database of suspicious terms lets you see who’s searching or emailing threatening words and phrases. Administrators have data (and automatic lock-outs and alerts) to address any threats to student safety right away, from suicide to violence to cyberbullying.
  4. Who’s trying to get around the filter?
    Lightspeed Systems Web Filter was designed to offer safe access without over-blocking, but that doesn’t mean students will never try to find it. Students will inevitably attempt to use a proxy to get around IT policies, and Web Filter tells you who’s trying it.
  5. Who (and what) is using your bandwidth?
    Is your bandwidth getting bogged down? Web Filter lets you run reports on traffic by IP so you can see where your bandwidth is being allocated so you can create policies to manage it.
  6. What are specific users doing?
    When you need to drill into an individual user’s activity, browsing, searches and more, you have all the detail you need to investigate issues or share data.
  7. Are all those streaming videos educational?
    There are great educational videos and not-so-great ones. Manage your users and your bandwidth with filtering and reporting on specific YouTube videos.
  8. What types of sites are getting most of your traffic?
    Your network was made for learning. With easy-to-read summary reporting by category, domain and more, you can make sure your resources are being used for education.
  9. How are overrides being used?
    You’ve trusted your teachers with the ability to override, so make sure that privilege is being used appropriately with reporting on override sessions.
  10. Who is consistently misusing your network?
    See who has been locked out of the network for passing your lockout thresholds so you can take action.

The Lightspeed Systems Web Filter provides comprehensive reporting on everything — even mobile devices and SSL traffic — in easy-to-use reports.

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  • ckurylak says:

    On item #4 – Who’s trying to get around the filter? – how do you discover who is using proxies to bypass the filter?

    • Amy Bennett says:

      Hi Chris,
      That would be a custom report with filters on action=blocked and type=proxy.

      Also. we’re working on a part 2 to this post — with more information on creating custom reports in general and the steps/filters used to create the specific ones referenced.

      Thanks for a great question,

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