The Solution Your 1:1 Initiative Needs Now

You’re spending a lot of money on devices – but are you making the most of them? One of the ways to take your 1:1 to the next level is to allow students to take devices home, which encourages 24/7 learning and makes students feel greater ownership of their digital learning. But safety and filtering are top concerns for school administrators when students take their devices off-campus.

Lightspeed Systems has got this covered, with mobile filtering that works on- or off-campus for iPads, Chromebooks, MacBooks, as well as Windows, Android and Linux devices. Here are seven reasons why you need the Lightspeed Systems Web Filter mobile filter in your school or district.

  1. It gives you protection and peace of mind. With mobile filtering and the reporting that comes with it, you’ll be able to control what your users do on all your devices. You can report on their activity and get alerts so you’re always in the know.
  2. It works from anywhere. Our mobile filtering ensures safety and CIPA compliance on your network, at students’ home, and anywhere in between – whether devices are connected to WiFi networks or cellular networks.
  3. It works for any device. We have all mobile devices covered with agents, extensions and apps that let you filter all device types with a single solution. (We’ve got Chromebooks covered, and our new iOS filter takes advantage of the latest filtering options in iOS 9.3.)
  4. Setup is easy. Our filter is easy to push to devices and easy to set up so you can get your devices protected quickly.
  5. You can host it in the cloud or on-premises. We have options for cloud filtering or on-premise appliances that ensure you get the protection and deployment that work for you.
  6. It’s fast. Our mobile filter keeps traffic flowing so users don’t complain about slow-downs.
  7. Customizing policies is simple. Many schools that send devices home with their students set looser policies for after-school use (allowing games or streaming music on weekends and evenings, for example). We make differentiated policies easy so you get the level of control you want when you want it.

Lightspeed Systems gives you the solution you need to ensure CIPA compliance, protect devices, and keep students safe online at school AND wherever else they take their devices. And summer is a great time to get your mobile device filtering in place and ready for the next school year.

Request a demo or quote to see how Lightspeed Systems can protect your devices and your students.

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