Selective Transparent Proxy: Try This Updated Feature to Balance SSL Insight With Network Load

The Lightspeed Systems team worked hard this summer so you don’t have to during your busy school year.

For those of our community members using the Web Filter as a transparent proxy, we’ve got some great news. We’ve made it easy to use transparent proxy for specific domains with selective transparent proxy.

This way, you can easily proxy only the encrypted traffic you want to be decrypted, greatly lowering your network load.

Another positive outcome to selective decryption is ensuring the privacy of your end users by only decrypting what is necessary for your school’s needs. Encrypted online activity such as banking or shopping sessions, for example, can remain encrypted and private for those users.

Selective transparent proxy is easy to set up and relieves any extra load on your network. Most schools add Google, so they can block and report on specific search terms, as well as YouTube, so they can enable Smart Play.



Here’s how to set this up on transparent proxy.

Lightspeed Systems Web Filter 3: Longhorn provides several methods to proxy for visibility into secure traffic. Learn about them all here.

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