The 3 Most Exciting Things About the New School Year

It’s hard to believe the summer break is almost over; some schools are already back in session.

For just about all our Lightspeed community, this means getting devices prepped and ready for the flood of students about to enter your doors. Ready or not, here they come!

Summer break brings the opportunity to implement new and exciting technology that you may not have had a chance to implement during a busy school school year. We wanted to know what things you’re most excited for this year. Here’s what you told us in the Community site poll:

1.  New, better devices

Everyone loves new tech. It’s a great feeling to unbox a new laptop or tablet and boot it up for the first time. Most of our community members in school IT are working hard to secure new devices for their students.

For many schools, this means going Chrome. More than half of education devices sold in the U.S. are Chromebooks, and the trend is not showing any sign of slowing down. We know there’s a huge need for Chromebook filtering and monitoring solutions, which is why we released Relay for Chrome earlier this year.

If your district has a Chromebook initiative, you need tools to filter, report, and protect students from violence and self-harm. You also need geolocation tools to retrieve lost and stolen devices. Relay for Chrome was built just for K-12 and maximizes the ROI of your brand-new Chromebooks.

Going Chrome this year? Request a demo to see Relay for Chrome in action.


2. SSL decryption/filtering

We can’t talk about SSL enough — it’s a major challenge to getting insightful, holistic reporting on web activity.

We’re excited to hear that many of you are tackling SSL decryption and filtering in the new school year. We have an array of great resources to help you navigate your deployment:

SSL, Explained White Paper: Download and bookmark this great guide to SSL.
SSL Basics: Learn in-depth information on SSL on the Lightspeed Systems Web Filter.
Encrypted Traffic, Proxy and Your Web Filter: Go deeper and learn about proxy options.
3 Ways to Proxy: Check out this great guide to proxy options.

Working with Chromebooks? Lightspeed Systems Relay for Chrome also offers filtering and reporting on SSL sites. Relay sees and reports on Google searches and YouTube activity without the need for a trusted-man-in-the-middle proxy, SSL decryption or certificate deployment.

We’ve also been working hard on a new feature: transparent proxy by domain. This will give customers the ability to set up transparent proxy by URL, no PAC files necessary. Learn more about this here.


3. Off-campus filtering and reporting

If your school district sends devices home with students, off-campus filtering and reporting are key for a controlled digital learning experience.

Lightspeed Systems Web Filter 3: Longhorn provides filtering for every device and OS, on campus and off. It also has continuous identity management to seamlessly identify mobile users as they change networks, locations and devices. Learn more about Web Filter 3: Longhorn’s off-campus filtering capabilities.

Got Chromebooks? We just released After-School Rules in Relay for Chrome to take your off-campus filtering to the next level. After-School Rules allows you to set time- or IP-based filtering policies for Chromebooks. You can tweak filtering and reporting policies as needed and differentiate rules for groups and OUs with ease.


Be sure to tell us in the comments section of this post what’s new and exciting for you this year!

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