The Top 4 Uses for Web Zones

Are your teachers and administrators using Web Zones? If not, they’re missing out on an important feature inside Lightspeed Systems Web Filter.

So what’s a Web Zone? Think of a Web Zone as a private room: Basically, teachers set up a zone to expand or restrict Web access temporarily. Although Web Filter’s flexible and customizable policies are ideal in most scenarios, there are times when individuals, small groups or classes may need more or less access to the Internet for a while. One way to accomplish this is with Web Zones.

Here are four of the most popular ways to use Web Zones:

  1. To open special resources for instruction
    What if Web Filter is blocking a video clip or website that is helpful for instruction? For instance, Web Filter policies might normally block students from accessing eBay, but eBay might be a helpful resource for an economics class studying supply and demand. Teachers can temporarily override Web Filter by making a Web Zone for a select website or websites. Then, students can request to join the zone for access — or, if your filter is SIS-integrated, they’ll be added to the zone automatically. (Adult and explicit URLs are always blocked by Web Filter, as are any other locked categories that IT administrators set.)
  2. To secure state and class tests
    Even the most vigilant teachers have difficulty monitoring activity on 30 devices, but state tests require schools to provide absolute security. Because Web Zones can also be used to lock down Internet access, this feature is ideal for testing purposes. Teachers or test proctors can create zones to limit access to a few sites or block it altogether, ensuring that students can’t look up answers online.
  3. To keep students focused during classes
    Just as Web Zones can help secure testing environments, they can also secure classroom Internet activity on a regular basis. If a teacher wants his students to check out a website or group of sites without getting distracted by other content, he can create a zone to allow access to only these URLs for the duration of the class period.
  4. To facilitate special student projects
    Do you have a student — or several — who need more access to the Web for a report or project? Create a zone for an individual or group that gives them more freedom to research their chosen topic.

Although Web Zones are created and controlled by teachers, they’re under the safe guidelines and limitations set by IT. And all activity in a zone is reported, so IT can verify that the feature is being used properly.

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