Filtering Fundamentals: 7 Secrets to Success

Filtering is an essential component to your school network. But is it doing all it can to keep your users safe, save IT time, and really empower education? As schools shift to mobile learning and 1:1 programs while also reducing staff and budgets, you need a filter that does more.

Here are seven secrets to filtering success.


Secret No. 1: A Smart Database

There are more than a billion sites on the web, and thousands are added each hour. Your web filter needs to know them all.

The adaptive AI database of Lightspeed Systems Web Filter 3: Longhorn leverages AI, machine learning and the infinite cloud for the most accurate and comprehensive categorization of the Web.

This means you save time not having to recategorize, and you can count on students staying safe without overblocking.


The ideal school web filter’s database has URLs categorized specifically for K-12 education.


Secret No. 2: Seamless User Identification

As your users explore the Web, they’re constantly changing networks and devices. You need a holistic view of a user’s activity.

Web Filter 3: Longhorn’s continuous identity management makes it easy to identify users on- and off-network, as well as across devices.

You get accurate, seamless filtering policies and reporting on your users’ holistic activity.


Secret No. 3: SSL Decryption

Websites are increasingly moving to HTTPS, making it trickier for you to see activity. IT departments need control and reporting on both HTTP and HTTPS sites.

We give you all the proxy options you need — forward, transparent, WCCP – along with the ability to make easy exceptions.

You get the insight you need on the sites you want, the way you want.


Secret No. 4: Mobile Filtering

Devices aren’t just being used at schools — they’re going everywhere with students. That’s great for 24/7 learning. But you need to be able to filter them no matter where and when they go.

Lightspeed Systems lets you differentiate policies outside school, ensure ongoing safety, and report on all student activity.

Our mobile filters give you peace of mind with 24/7 coverage of every OS.


Efficient mobile filtering is essential to digital learning in today’s schools.


Secret No. 5: Speed & Scalability

Your network is growing and speed and performance for all traffic is essential. Don’t let your filter be a bottleneck.

Lightspeed Systems can filter without hindering performance and can help you ensure traffic is flowing to critical services.

Our proprietary Rocket technology was built for speed and scalability in schools large and small.


Secret No. 6: Deployment Options

Schools have different needs for their networks and budgets. You need a filter that gives you options.

Web Filter 3: Longhorn has multiple deployment options, ensuring there’s one that meets your needs and budget.

We also have a team of engineers dedicated to helping you find the right configuration.


Secret No. 7: Awesome Reporting

The best filter gets vital information into your hands when you need it. With the right filter, getting the proper reports is simple.

Our dynamic data engine turns mass quantities of user traffic data into actionable dashboards, reports and real-time activity feeds.

We have many pre-built reports get you started, but you can create any custom report you want – and schedule them for automatic delivery.


Let us show you how Web Filter 3: Longhorn can lead you to filtering success! Request a personalized demo at

Want to see Web Filter 3: Longhorn in action right now? Go here for a replay of our webinar “Filtering Fundamentals: 7 Secrets to Success.”

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