Why Our Solutions Aren’t Just for School IT Departments

Since 1999, Lightspeed Systems has been building smart solutions for school networks — helping IT keep their networks and their devices safe and easily managed.

But, over the past decade, more and more school technology has moved out of the server room and into classrooms. This digital transformations is one of the most exciting opportunities to engage and teach today’s students.

What it has meant for Lightspeed is that our solutions need to balance IT and educator needs. That’s why each of our products includes an IT/administrator component and a teacher component.

Some examples:

With our Web Filter, IT can create and enforce filtering policies across entire districts (with different policies for schools, user types, days of the week, and more). In addition, teachers have access to Web Zones to temporarily expand or restrict access for an instruction period — without having to open an IT help ticket. To ensure safety, IT gets to control who can use Web Zones and which categories/sites can be temporarily opened as well as report on Web Zones use. (Adult and security-risk websites are always blocked.)


Web Filter’s Web Zones feature allows teachers to open certain categories of blocked websites during class time.

With Mobile Manager, IT can set and control device policies and functionality on any district-owned device. But teachers can also create policies for the duration of instruction periods. Let’s say IT has the cameras turned off on district devices to prevent students from taking selfies or photos of tests. With a single click, a teacher can turn the camera on temporarily for just his students (to document a science experiment, for example). It’s safe because IT gets to control which settings can be temporarily overridden by teachers and which are locked down. And it’s easy because teachers can set a class policy in just a click — and that policy will expire as soon as class is over.

With Classroom Orchestrator, our classroom management and monitoring solution for Chromebooks and Windows devices, teachers can keep a classroom full of students on task. But IT makes sure it’s within policy by setting schedules for when monitoring is allowed. Administrators can also set cache and refresh rates to minimize network impact.

Lightspeed’s focus on schools means we are committed to meeting schools’ needs — and that means features for IT that complement features for the classroom.

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