Check the status of a device

If you suspect there’s something wrong with a device, you can remotely check on its general health using Mobile Manager.

  1. Log into Launch and select Mobile Manager.
  2. Navigate to a group where the device is being used.
  3. Each device in the list has a gear icon on the right side of the tile. Click the gear icon to open a menu.devicedropdownmenu_ipad
  4. Among other things, from this menu you can:
    • Get device information
    • Update device information – request updated information from a device; the device must be powered on to respond and repopulate the info found in Device Information, which also includes a timestamp of “Last info update.”
  5. Click Device Information to review operating system (OS) version, battery charge remaining, capacity used, and age of this information (last info update).deviceinformationipad
  6. From here, you might ask yourself:
    • When was this information last updated? If it’s not current, you can go back to the drop-down menu and request an update by clicking Update Information.
    • Has it used up all its storage space?
    • Does it need to be charged?
    • Does it have the latest operating system?