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If you’re interested in putting apps on your students’ devices, you’ll need to use native Mobile Manager at Here’s an overview of how it’s done though.

With Mobile Manager, teachers can deploy both free and paid apps to student devices on the Apps page. This page will walk you through the needed steps.

Before You Begin — Paid Apps

If you are going to deploy apps with a price tag, check with your Mobile Manager administrator first. If your school uses Microsoft’s Business Store Portal or Apple’s Volume Purchase Plan (VPP), your Mobile Manager administrator will have additional information for you. If your school uses a Managed Distribution program, check with your administrator to make sure he or she has granted you permission to use Managed Distribution service tokens.

Configuration Steps

Follow the steps below to deploy an app to your students’ devices.

    • 1. Log into Mobile Manager.
    • 2. If needed, navigate to the class, club, or cart where you want to deploy the app. For example, if you want to deploy the app to a cart that belongs to your class click the cart name in the left-hand navigation window.
    • 3. Click Apps. A screen similar to the following will be displayed.

Sample blank teacher apps page


Click the Inherited tab to view apps your class has inherited from your school and district (organization).

    • 4. Click Search for Apps. The following will be displayed:

Find Apps

    • 5. Select iOS-iPad, iOS-iPhone, or OS X from the dropdown list.
    • 6. Enter the name or partial name of the app you want to install.

Click Details

    • 7. Click Details on the app you want to install. The following will be displayed:

Install Free App
Free App

Install Paid App
Paid App

  • 8. Perform the following sub steps depending on whether the app is free or paid.
    • Free Apps
    • a. If your school uses Apple’s Managed Distribution program and you have been instructed by your Mobile Manager administrator to use it for free apps select a Managed Distribution service token from the Service Token dropdown list. Otherwise, ignore this sub step.
    • Paid Apps
    • a. Perform one of the following.
      • – Select a Managed Distribution service token from the Service Token dropdown list
      • – Enter or paste the Apple Volume Purchasing Plan (VPP) code
      • – Click Choose File to upload the VPP spreadsheet your Mobile Manager administrator received from Apple
  • 9. Click Add App. Your app will be pushed to your students’ devices automatically.


Please note if you are not using Managed Distribution your students might have to enter their Apple ID and password to install the app. Check with your Mobile Manager administrator if you are not sure.